My ten-year-old granddaughter received a new comforter for her daybed. The old comforter and bedskirt had a black and white theme. Now it's aqua, brown, pink, and peace signs. Not my favorite look, but to each his own.

The comforter didn't come with a bedskirt, so I was enlisted to fix that issue. My granddaughter and I found some polka dot fabric at a quilt shop in Waco, Texas (Tomorrow's Quilts). I attached the skirt to the same base that the black and white fabric had been attached to. This is definitely a "poor boy" way to do things. I made a one-sided skirt because the daybed has three wood sides and only the front skirt is visible. By the way, the other three sides still have the black and white fabric. The wood keeps them hidden.

As you can see, there is a long black and white pillow running across the back of the bed. It needs to be converted to the new color scheme, too. I have some dotted fabric left, but not enough to cover the pillow. I might try to find a solid or stripe and then applique' some of the dotted fabric onto it. I'll let you know how it goes...

By the way, if you're ever in Waco, Texas, stop by Tomorrow's Quilts. We were greeted at the door as we walked in with the comforter in our arms (for matching purposes). The lady who greeted us knew her inventory very well and began pulling bolts of cotton from across the store. We found a match in no time.

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